Touhou 4koma

Every Sunday I make 1 (obligatory) 4koma featuring Touhou characters or just plain anything Touhou related. You can also find these 4koma from or my deviantart page.

The idea came from this one walfas post where KirbyM allowed people to fill in the blank on one 4koma about Sakuya and her basket. My rendition is now what you see below the January 2008 section.

On some occassions, like holidays I may make extra ones depending if I can get myself to come up with a good idea or not.

January 2008

Basket 4koma

February 2008

Sweat Danmaku Shoot the Bullet Zun’s Inspiration El Gorion Loco touhouanime.jpg

March 2008

eosd.jpg mofcard.jpg


Shoot the Bullet Follow-up Image mofcard2.jpg


One Response to “Touhou 4koma”

  1. Zoom Says:

    Very nice, funny as hell, hope more comes out.

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