This is the gaming section, which I made so I can share my guides for those who need ’em. Because sometimes there are people who do not want to share what they know or at least share some but keep the advanced stuff away with the reason that they are afraid if people knew them they wouldn’t win as often anymore.

I for one seek the fun in playing the game itself and I enjoy it when people play properly be it the enemy or my team, win or lose. So I really don’t mind making guides.
But enough of that crap, here are the guides.

You can also find my old guides here at 


eXteel is a fast-paced mech 3rd person shooter you can play at NCSoft. Like many mech shooters, its slightly different from typical 3rd person shooters. If you are interested and would like to play, you can go here for exteel’s oficial site and download it. Here is a youtube video of an in-game eXteel match

Chii’s eXteel Advanced Player Guides

Melty Blood Act Cadenza

Melty Blood Act Cadenza or MBAC is a fighting game based on the world of Tsukihime by Type moon. Its one of the doujin fighting games that feature in depth mechanics. Here is a youtube video of a match me and my friend had over the net. For more information visit the Melty Bread website.

Chii’s MBAC Guides


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