What’s this About?

Yo! ChiisaiRamen here, I go by alot of other names you might have heard of if you played the games Ive played and been where I have been in the internet. Those are; Chii-kun (Counterstrike), Koori (Ragnarok Online), Kouu (Ragnarok Online), Aokouu (eXteel), Nobleman Azure(Guild Wars).

Chii’s Other sites of interests:

What would be in this site is the things I am interested on apart from the stuff I make like art and 4komas. Those would be Anime, anything Otaku-related, anything Japanese or Chinese, Touhou, Games (mainly fighting games), funny stuff (especially what KirbyM makes will appear in posts just like how he does for me in Walfas.org).

So yeah, whatever I dont feel like putting alot of stuff about myself so thats it to fill this page.


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  1. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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