SWR Modified English Weather Patch

I dont know but I was pretty annoyed by the english weather patch people made and posted at the swr wiki. I know its supposed to be a joke but meh…preference issues for me I guess

So I went and edited that patch so it will display something like say “Snowy: Hits deal damage to spellcard gauge” Rather than a wtf “Snowy: Makes you like ghost.”

If you’re interested in my version of the patch. Then here it is.

Remember, I did not make this patch, I just edited the ghetto translations out of it. Credit still goes to Xenozip and mauve.

Here’s a video of the patch


On another note, this blog is so inactive and old. I’m gonna retouch it and update it more often or something


2 Responses to “SWR Modified English Weather Patch”

  1. Cardboardsnail Says:


    No more updates?

  2. yukiluck Says:

    With the release of the English Patch of SWR, now i cant use the modified patch for change the weather effects, i dont like the ghetto style, any ideas? :3

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