Progess is being made

yep, there is progress. Hey, i dont always play Mabinogi 24/7 you know…Only my character is on 24/7 XD hes selling food after all.

Anyways yeah i have been trying new ways of line arting because my old way of drawing it on paper, inking it on paper, then scanning it leaves my art a bit rough looking because well, its lineart is rough looking

This time I am trying Silver-chan’s tablet method of linearting. It takes getting used to but when i do, you can expect more art again from me.

Click read more to see Silver-chan’s deviant art and what i paid her to make for me.
Silver-chan’s deviant art, click here

Below is my Mabinogi Character Aokouu and Myself as a chibi made by Silver-chan.



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