SWR is crap. No really it is.

No, really. IMO Touhou fans are just saying its good because its touhou. A versus game with so many idiot mechanics can’t be good. Tasogare, how about an IaMP expansion instead. IaMP was a genius game, this wasn’t.

Why is it crap? click read more.

Granted fun things like weather and alternate skill cards exist in this game, if only they thought twice before making this game it would be better than IaMP hands down.

1. I dont know if its fixed but watch the following:

Yes, what kind of game rewards doing things wrong? Honestly now.
As you can see in the video, alice gets a pushback when marisa blocks her attacks wrong.
How bad? Bad enough that Marisa can chain a special to hurt alice. What a big advantage rewarded for a player blocking WRONGLY

2. Spirit balls are stupid. It removes the element of absolute pressure. In IaMP when you get spirit crushed, you aren’t allowed to use spirit consuming moves for a short bit, this puts you in a bad position of desperation, a good punishment for a mistake that lead to such instance. In SWR you lose one ball…which regens fast enough that its very rare to see someone have 2 spirit balls crushed…this effectively lessens the penalty for doing things wrong, allowing players to just feel more free to toss bullets and leave it to luck.

3. You cant self-crush, back in IaMP when you whore out your moves that use spirit, you may crush yourself and put yourself in a bad position. In SWR it wont allow you, making players feel more free to just toss bullets mindlessly…god if i wanna play a mindless game ill play a Touhou Hungry Hungry Hippos…maybe replace the hippos with yuyukos.

On the bright side, the art is well done, I love the alternate skill cards, and the weather. This really would have been such a good game if the above problems did not exist.

Most importantly, the biggest plus of it all th11 looks AWESOME, I cannot wait till its out so I can go and buy myself a copy and forget that SWR ever existed, much like how fans of the Devil May Cry Series forget DMC2 exists.


14 Responses to “SWR is crap. No really it is.”

  1. Rin Te Says:

    I have to say: SWR is full of bugs!
    Yeah i love touhou games, but it was to soon for the release…
    Game testers: BAD

    Great Page! ^_^

    IaMP is the Best!!! :D

  2. ChiisaiRamen Says:

    Hell yes! lol
    But I still do trust tasogare, maybe theyll patch things up nicely in the end. THEN ill dump my doujinstyle.com copy and buy the real thing haha

  3. It's Yadogari! Says:

    Honestly i like SWR. But I cant really say anything about SA cause everytime i run it theres some problem ;_;. anyways SA looks awesome :D

  4. kirbym Says:

    Woah, an actual update! Anyway, I tried out SWR for like ten minutes; not enough to form an opinion on it.

  5. Klarth Says:

    I unlocked everything.
    I must say, you’re right
    SWR was a bunch of.. gloss
    It was missing… something.

  6. Cardboardsnail Says:

    The only thing I don’t like about SWR is the spell card system

    It feels…meh.

  7. Immac Says:

    Errr, you can’t crush yourself, but using up all the spheres leaves you danmakuless, meaning your opponent can easily crush you, just throwing danmaku sensessly won’t do any good, also the wrong block thingy, well use another combo,that worked with reimu as far as i know( look in the SWR wiki) it’s just not that easy anymore to crush perople that are aware of this, but then again think a bit it over.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’d totally buy a Touhou Hungry Hippos with Yuyukos. Seriously, that would kick ass.

  9. Anon Says:

    Well like to say a fucking reason why us touhou fans like it is that because touhou has a lot of loli material, unlike all other games.

    So can you just shut the fuck up about how bad SWR is, even if it has a lot of bugs. No offense but can you lurk moar for updates?

    I would like to end, saying: People who blame the gameplay must blame themselves first. Why? Simple: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE? Wtf…?

  10. Anon Says:

    And btw, Devil May Cry even has lesser loli material than Touhou loli.

    Thanks for reading~

  11. Bini Says:

    SWR is not IaMP.
    They are different games.
    They have different mechanics that you have to adapt to.
    SWR is a fine game, though it’s not yet suitable for competitive purposes. It’s prequel, that is an almost perfect doujin fighting game, makes you compare them which is wrong. Again, SWR is NOT IaMP. Nor it’s intended to be.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    So in the same way Brawl sucks because it’s different and looks prettier than Melee.

    Well I don’t play competitively, so I don’t mind SWR at all compared to IaMP. Maybe against other people it’s a lot different.

    Still, I don’t see how you can’t form new combos based on the system of SWR instead of blindly sticking to the IaMP system of handling.

  13. ShinK Says:

    Wow, if you can’t play it well, don’t blame it on the system. It’s your skill.

  14. Kageneko_Alfa Says:

    Its simple really, some spellcards have either graze frames, melee invulnerable frames, or invulnerable frames, and some spellcards are designed for this very purpose, getting out of blockstrings. Paying attention to an opponents active spellcard is required to be at least decent in the game, if you notice an opponent with an active spellcard that can be used at a counter, then simply play around it. Notice that its very hard to get out of a blockstring mixup(if the attacking player knows what he’s doing) without the help of cards, and even then only the melee counter card and a few other spellcards can be used for this purpose.

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