Sexy Aokouu + Mabinogi Chibi

 My Mabinogi character is a nintendo DS. Much like a DS, which prints money, mine prints gold. I’ve been getting soooo much big lucky finishes and really big ones too! Anyways, I picked up this beginners’ skirt from red foxes and tried it on  (remembering my friend who had a girl character saying he can wear beginners pants).

Click read more for the screenshot.

Yeah…that’s hawt. Disturbingly hawt.


Anyways I can’t think of a joke today so there would be no Touhou 4koma. Very sorry. Instead I drew this chibi of KirbyM, Mine, and Kao’s characters.



4 Responses to “Sexy Aokouu + Mabinogi Chibi”

  1. Anonymous Says: lulz

  2. ChiisaiRamen Says:

    bahahah my url in the pic is wrong. Oh well they can just go to instead.
    too lazy to fix -_________-

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The picture of you in a skirt IS hot!

  4. Congee Says:

    ^was me

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