Touhou 4koma: MoF + Follow up

Sorry for the lack of 4koma yesterday, but to make it up today, I have this about Mountain of Faith and Spellcards. Tomorrow will be a new one that directly connects to this one today. I uploaded its follow up now, enjoy!

mofcardfix.jpg mofcard2.jpg

PS* Sorry about the typo; its *calculate not calulate
PS** Its fixed


6 Responses to “Touhou 4koma: MoF + Follow up”

  1. Walfas Says:

    Placement exams (And 4komas)

    Hooray! Well, we took a placement exam today, to decide who gets into which class (there are three different Calculus classes, regular, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC; regular is… well, regular, and BC is apparently some really crazy stuf…

  2. bakaranger Says:


    (it feels like i’m only comenting with LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL lately…)

  3. UrielMatt Says:

    Masaka! Zettai muri!!!

  4. ChiisaiRamen Says:

    its not direct but it sounds better that way to convery “No way thats impossible!”

    Kaguyugi Motou and I guess Mokouba Kaiba

  5. jahmmon Says:

    it’s fun. hahahahaha!

  6. acher13 Says:

    “wink””wink”. play at night. lol hay!!

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