Touhou 4koma: EoSD

Today’s 4koma was supposed to be how KirbyM discriminates against moonrabbits, but since it’s an inside joke in walfas alot of people might not get it. Plus I can’t come up with a good delivery for it.

So instead, I made today’s 4koma about Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and why you end up at the library in stage 4 then the hall at stage 5.



4 Responses to “Touhou 4koma: EoSD”

  1. k0n Says:

    I am a computer company!


  2. Walfas Says:

    Hax Sign 「Burn Everything」

    From the video description: “A Danmakufu script made by Nuclear Cheese of the MotK forums. It’s an homage to KirbyM’s Reimu who, in one of his flashes, decided to… well… burn everything.” Hooray! In other news, her…

  3. kirbym Says:

    Gosh darned walls always getting in the way

  4. shipping company Says:

    shipping company shipping

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