eXteel TC match + When logic pwns you

I have nothing today (I should be working on my doujin/manga but I’ve been so lazy). I was gonna upload an eXteel match but I have no decent vid editing program yet, so that’s delayed. Well I got it uploaded but I need to brush up at my Adobe Premiere ‘skills’ and get rid of that black border

Anyways click read the rest for the video and that logic thing I’m talking about in the title

 Notable funnies are at 2:35 and 6:53 where I dodge things I dont see because of cannon recoil or I just happen to feel like moving to the side
I love what happened at 2:35 it looked like that guy slipped on something and fell while he charged towards me.

And, over at walfas.org KirbyM made a new flash pertaining logic that had me in stitches.

Check it out here


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