Touhou 4koma: Touhou Anime

Today’s 4koma is about Touhou Anime. Enjoy.



PS: Oh and before anyone wonders; no it doesnt mean there really will be a Touhou Anime anytime soon. Consider this alternate reality!



3 Responses to “Touhou 4koma: Touhou Anime”

  1. Moku Says:

    A year subscription to a lolicon mag and beer! I’d take that for just about any thing! Tho not for the beer. Not like i cant get LO amgazen for free on the internet…

  2. Walfas Says:

    IOSYS – The Hourai Jewel, Ever Beautiful A+B (Bleeper Style)

    More bleeper music, hooray! And here’s a 4koma from ChiisaiRamen!

  3. It's Yadogari! Says:

    ahaah awesome

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