Unnamed Character! + Walfas Touhou Flash

Kaorin, some of you guys know her as ^^flandre^^ (visit her site here) drew an awesome retro Unnamed Character from the old walfas.org flash day.swf.

In other news, there is a new Touhou Flash out today at Walfas!

“click more for moar”

I went on and colored Kaorin’s drawing for her and here ’tis!

Kaorin Unnamed Character

The text on the side (hopefully) says Unnamed Character in Japanese

Also, here is KirbyM’s flash. Enjoy it and comment here at walfas.org



9 Responses to “Unnamed Character! + Walfas Touhou Flash”

  1. kirbym Says:

    Hooray, color!!

  2. cardboardsnail Says:

    Lol nice

  3. ^^flandre^^ Says:


  4. Pingy Says:

    Color, hooray!!

  5. Congee Says:

    Yay colours

  6. k0n Says:


  7. Moku Says:

    Colour Horay!

  8. Pyro Says:

    Yay kleur

  9. ChiiRamen-Laptop Says:

    yay! everyone likes coleurs!

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