MBAC: Arcueid Brunestud Guide

This guide was originally made for GameFAQs and MeltyBread. Hit the jump for the guide itself.

Melty Blood ACT Cadenza: Arcueid Brunestud Guide
By: ChiisaiRamen
a.k.a. Nobleman Azure(GuildWars handle), Aokaze Kouu, Koori(RO handles)
version 3.0


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MBACAB01: Introduction to Arcueid Brunestud
MBACAB02: Pros and Cons
MBACAB03: Arcueid Brunestud or Red Arcueid?
MBACAB04: Notation and Terms
MBACAB05: Attacks and Command Attacks
MBACAB06: Special Command Moves
MBACAB07: Special Moves
MBACAB08: Combos
MBACAB09: Tactics and Mixups
MBACAB10: Helpful Links
MBACAB11: Special Move Meanings
MBACAB12: Closing FAQ
MBACAB13: Credits and Thanks

MBACAB01: Introduction to Arcueid Brunestud

First, I’m not gonna talk about the backstory of Arcueid, chances are you already know her. If not, there are info about her story in wikipedia about her. So with that being said lets get on to introduction of the character Arcueid Brunestud in the game.

Arcueid is one of the average speed characters in the game (which is still plenty fast since the game is fast paced) She isnt top tier but tiers matter little in this game so there shouldn’t be any worries about your ability to score wins regularly.

Arcueid has alot of timing specific combos that require a bit of dedication to learn, she isn’t as easy to pick as other characters like say Shiki Nanaya. But in the end what character will be easy to use will depend on the player him/herself, that statement is just my personal opinion.

MBACAB02: Pros and Cons

-Has a wide variety of useful attacks giving plenty of mixup options
-Very deadly when cornering opponents
-Has the right tools to send opponents to stage corners
-Dash can hop to the opponent’s other side for a crossup
-Very Good Arc Drive

-No projectile or any long range attacks
-Below average-Average damage potential outside of corners.
-Does not have an exceptional Bunker Cancel

MBACAB03: Arcueid Brunestud or Red Arcueid?

I myself am quite skilled at both, because each has its own pros and cons.
But if you have to choose between one or the other, base it on these:

Arcueid Brunestud

  • Corner ****
  • Range ***
  • Speed ***
  • Movement ****
  • Mixup ****
  • Zoning **

Red Arc

  • Corner **
  • Range ****
  • Speed ****
  • Movement *****
  • Mixup ***
  • Zoning ****

Arcueid Brunestud has a good corner loop as well as many ways to send the opponent to the corner to perform it. Red Arc has long range thanks to her blood rings, this allows you to play keep away or hit turtling opponents. Arcueid Brunestud also has alot more mixup options than Red Arc but when it comes to zoning, Red Arc allows you to control alot of space because of her blood rings as well as her j.B.


(Tare) As for my opinion about your statistic *** rankings for her overall stats. She really doesn’t have that much mixup options compared to most characters. Arcueid is pretty straight forward. Her strongest high low options is from like her 5{B} which is caught pretty easily if the opponent watches out for it. She also has no Air Charged attacks that aid in this whiff fakeout like Aoko and Satsuki. She has no normals that give her complete +F advantage.
(ChiisaiRamen) The thing is its not whether the opponent can catch it while watching it, if the opponent catches it and stands up. It is still part of a blockstring and you can continue to harass him. You even have a second chance in the form of 4{B} overhead or just going 2B right away for a low. However you are right, She doesnt have the excellent additions that the characters you mentioned have so I believe the rating needs to be bumped down by 1 *.

(Tare) Her speed is really good too in my opinion. It won’t allow you to net easy tick throw like Nanaya/Tohno’s which cover a limited space in a very quick time, but her dashing movement increases your rushdown by a lot.
(ChiisaiRamen) Yes but Nanaya and Shiki as you described are at a different level. They would have gotted a 5* rank as compared to Arcueid’s 3*. 3* is still a good rating for speed. As compared to say 1* that I would give White Len. But the way you described it makes me believe that I need a 6th rank; Movement.
This, because I agree that the way her dash moves gives you a good ability to rushdown if you so please.

MBACAB04: Notation and Terms

I will be using the numpad terms for directionals. They are as follows:
The directionals are based on 1P side with the character facing the right.

7 – Up-Back
8 – Up
9 – Up-Forward
4 – Back
5 – Neutral
6 – Forward
1 – Down-Back
2 – Down
3 – Down-Forward

A – Weak Attack
B – Strong Attack
C – Heavy Attack
D – Shield
Q – Quick Action (Combined with 4 or 6 it will usually be used as a grab)
X – Any Attack (A B or C)
! – Pause (Some combos require you to pause between inputs to do correctly)
~ – Roll into (The act of pressing two buttons almost consecutively)
j – Jump
{}- Charge (for example: 5{B} is a charged 5B. Hold the B button to charge)

The following are terms commonly used by the Melty Blood players. Some of these may not be used in the guide but would serve as a reference just in case. Some of these are abbreviations I only use for this guide.

TK – (Tiger Knee: 2367+X or 2149+X) The act of performing an in-air special move very close to the ground.
IAD – (In-Air Dash: 6956 or 4754) The act of air dashing very close to the ground. Allows you to perform jump attacks in a less predictable way.
Bara – (Bunker cancel or Bara cancel: 214+D~X) Using your shield bunker (214+D) to cancel blockstun and cancelling it into a move, preferrably something that has invincibility frames.
OTG – (Off-the-ground) This usually refers to combos that are done on opponents that are lying on the ground and still cannot get up.
EX – (EX moves: command+C) These moves are powerful versions of their regular counterparts and costs magic circuit to use.
46Xup – (4-6 Crossup) Refers to a set of attacks or movements that will make your opponent guess if he should block it back or forward. Hence 4-6 for numpad notation.
41Xup – (4-1 Mixup) Like the above, its a set of attacks or movements that will make your opponent guess, but this time whether he should block it standing or crouching. Hence 4-1 for standing block and crouching block.
BnB – (Bread and Butter Combo) A commonly used combo that is easy to use without any circumstancial exceptions.
Stuff – Stopping an opponents attack with one of your own.
Wakeup- (Some call it Okizeme) Can refer to your characters ability to pressure an opponent that is trying to get up from being knocked down or it can refer to moves done as you get up from being knocked down.
Chicken Block – May refer to the act of repeatedly hitting an air blocking opponent with a fast attack to keep them blocking as both you and the opponent land. Technically refers to air blocking.
Bio Hazard- (Japanese call it “Biohazaado”) Nero Chaos’ jC attack. Made famous by Sanchez =D

Below are examples of notations being used in combos and an explanation of what it all means:

2A2A5B2B2C3B jBC jBC 6Q or 4Q
(crouching A attack twice, standing B, crouching B, crouching C down-forward B, jump, air B attack, air C attack, jump air B, air C forward grab or backward grab)

pretty straightforward notation and combo.

2A2B2C!5C~5C!BC land jBC jBC 6Q or 4Q
(Crouching A attack, Crouching B, Crouching C, pause, roll into another standing C, airB attack, airC attack, land, jump, air B, air C, jump, air B, air C, forward grab or backward grab)

Whenever combos has special movements or timing like the one above, I will have an explanation to make it clear.

MBACAB05: Attacks and Command Attacks

The following attacks and command attacks will follow the format below:
[Command]:[Defense Options][Explanation]
(Defense options are what the oppnent can do to defend against the attack)

2A :(Crouching Block, Standing and Low Shield) A low swipe, fast but has very short range. Regularly used as a combo starter

5A :(Standing Block, Standing and Low Shield) Same as 2A but standing. Very fast and misses most crouching opponents. Primarily used as a whiff cancel (more on that later). Can also be used as anti air.

2B :(Crouching Block, Crouching Shield) A low leg sweep. Used as a ranged low poke.

5B :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) A claw attack that swipes in an overhead-like arc.

5{B}:(Standing Block, Standing Shield) Same as above but an overhead attackand is used to create high low mixups since they have to block or shield it standing.

4B :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) A knee attack that hits twice. Primarily used on relaunch combos.

4{B}:(Standing Block, Standing Shield) Same as above but is an overhead attack and is another high low mixup option.

3B :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) An upwards claw swipe. Used as a launcher after 2C for a BnB Combo.

2C :(Crouching Block, Crouching Shield) Low heavy claw swipe. Primarily used as a tripping move to launch an opponent for a combo.

5C :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) Forward claw attack. Misses some crouching opponents. Used in corner loop combos and relaunch combos.

jA :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing and Crouching Shield) Jumping quick shortranged claw swipe. Used against Chickenblocks.

jB :(Standing Block, Standing Shield) Jumping ranged claw swipe. This attack swings twice one upward swing and one downward. If the attack is done as you descend in your jump, it will swipe aiming downwards right away.

j2B :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) A falling downward claw swipe. Primarily used to alter your movement in the air and quickly descend to throw your opponent off.

jC :(Standing Block, Standing Shield) An upwards heavy kick.

j2C :(Standing and Crouching Block, Standing Shield) Arcueid extends her arms and spins hitting twice. The second hit slams the opponent to the ground. This move is used mostly to alter your movement in the air and remain airborne for a second to throw your opponent off.

6Q or 4Q :(Cannot shield or Block)Arcueids throw, the direction used (4 or 6) will determine the direction where Arcueid will throw the opponent. If opponent is thrown at the wall they will wallslam and can be followed up with a combo.

6Q2 or 4Q2 :(Cannot Shield or Block)Inputting 2 after Arcueids throw will make Arcueid slam the opponent to the ground instead of throwing them across the screen. This is used when you just want the extra damage it gives to finish the opponent off, or when you are too far from any walls to follow up the regular throw.

MBACAB06: Special Command Moves

Arcueid has two special command moves.

5C~5C:By rolling into 5C after doing a normal 5C attack (See above), Arcueid will perform a special air dash that travels at a wide arc

66 :This is Arcueids dash, if done next to an opponent or if you runinto an opponent, she will hop to the other side allowing you to perform a 46Xup. Be cautious however its pretty slow and opponent may punish you for hopping to the other side.

MBACAB07: Special Moves

236A :”Jyamai-yo!” A claw swipe that moves arcueid a step forward. Can be followed by another 236A/B and a third 236A/B for a low hit or a third
214A/B for a delayed overhead hit.

236B :Same as above, but is slightly slower and deal more damage.

236C :”Chotto Honki Dasuwayo!” EX Claw Swipe. Swipes 3 times, with the third hitting low with no option of hitting overhead. Very punishable if opponent blocks all hits correctly.

214A :”Se-no!” A dashing elbow attack. Very useful move in blockstrings because it is a frame trap. It is very hard for the opponent to try to do anything but block after blocking this move. This usually tricks opponents in letting go of block.

214B :A dashing elbow attack with longer range, a slight delay, and a follow up “5C-looking” attack that makes the opponent airborne. Can also be used in blockstrings, if it hits, the second hit can be cancelled into 236C (not useful) or 214C (2nd or 3rd hit of this EX move will miss if this cancelling was performed too close to the corner)

214C :EX dashing elbow that hits 4 times. Arcueid shouts “se-no!” and proceeds to juggle the opponent in the air until she does a final hit and shouts “Ochiru!” slamming the opponent down. Primarily used as a bara (not that great) or a followup after 214B to keep the opponent knocked down.

623A :”Nani Yatteruno” A downwards aiming and forward moving claw attack. Pressing 6A/B afterwards will follow up with an upwards aiming swipe. This followup attack can be delayed by delaying the 6A/B button press.

623B :Same as above but hits multiples. Can also be followed up with 6A/B but it must be inputted immediately and cannot be delayed.

623C :EX Forward Claw. Same as the above combined with their follow upattack. Hits multiples. The difference is the opponent is wall slammed after the last hit and cannot recover. This can be followed up into a combo afterwards.

22A :”Urusai! (Tobe!)” An upward moving claw swipe. Can be used as anti air. Can also be used in the air.

22B :Same as above but hits multiples.

22C :EX Shoryuu Claw. Same as above but with more damage. This is the only EX move you can do in the air.

66A/B :”Urusai! (Kiero!)” Only works after 22A or 22B hits. Arcueid thrusts her claws forward as a followup. This move can be cancelled into 22C making the full shoryuu combo as follows (22A/B 66A/B 22C).

66C :An ex version of the above move, teh difference is that it does more damage and wallslams.

41236C :”Kuusou Gugenka (Marble Phantasm)” Her Arc Drive (Requires Heat or Max Mode) Arcueid summons chains to bind her opponent and damage him/her.Very useful for bara cancel if you can perform it no sweat. This move also has invincibility frames and ability to hit the opponent anywhere in front of arcueid except for a good amount of height above her (Completely over her head). Makes it very useful for wakeups.

41236C :”Melty Blood” Her Advanced Arc Drive (Requires Blood Heat) Arcueid does the same things as her Marble Phantasm but after binding the opponent in chains, she follows up with a powerful multi hitting slash.

jD :”Sukoshi Bakari Tawamureyouka?” (air Ex shield while in Blood Heat) Arcueids Last Arc, the music stops and Arcueid floats back and summons a blast. If done on Shiki Tohno or Shiki Nanaya, instead of a blast, lasers will hit the opponent from multiple directions. Not very useful like most Last Arcs are.

MBACAB08: Combos

Here I will show you Arcueids Combos. Keep in mind I wont list them all. I will only list combos that are worth doing. Some combos become hard to pull for very little benefit; these combos arent worth mentioning since if you are reading my guide, chances are you are looking for something to start with as you choose Arcueid to play with.

Before we begin, If replays are your thing then download the Arcueid Brunestud Guide Replays Pack here (You need WinRAR or 7zip):
Download the Replay Files Here

How to use the replays:
1. Make sure you back up any replays you have in your replay folder
2. Extract the the Guide Replays into the replay folder
3. Go into practice mode
4. Press F5 and select replays
5. Select whichever replay you want to see

Arcueids BnB Combo:

-2A2B2C3B jABC jABC 6Q or 4Q
The final throw, aim towards the corner, remember you have to try your best to keep the opponent on the corner so you can perform your damaging corner loop.

Extended BnB Combo:

-2A2B5B2C3B jABC jAABC 6Q or 4Q
The first difference here is the addition of 5B at the ground string. You can charge 5B to create an overhead if they are blocking.
The second difference is the addition of a second air A attack at the airborne string. If you do this, do it fast and link your air throw quick
or the opponent will end up too high up.

Corner Loop Combo:

-2A2B2C!5C 5A5B5C! 5A5B2B4B BC jBC 6Q or 4Q
This is an important combo and requires practice to do. It requires split- second pauses to be done correctly.
Just like the BnB, you may add a 5B in the middle of the first string to add damage or charge it for a mixup.

Special Dash Combo:

-2A2B2C!5C~5C!C land 5B2B5C~5C BC jBC 6Q or 4Q
This combo is done if you are the one cornered and want to turn tides around and corner your opponent instead. Hence this is only used if the opponent is far from the wall they will get slammed into.
The delay after the special air dash is something that you will decide visually. Do the Airborne C at the very end of it so you can land right after you hit the opponent and catch them with the following 5B.

Throw Combo:

-6Q or 4Q (Whichever will throw them to the wall) jBC jBC 6Q or 4Q
This combo is done as a follow up after the wallslam throw. It does not do very good damage but its main use is to keep the opponent knocked down and having to guess your wakeup game.

Throw EX Combo:

-6Q or 4Q 22A!623C2A5B2B2C4B BCjBC 6Q or 4Q
You have to input 623C the other way around 421 because you are actually at the other side of the opponent at that point in time during the combo.
I initially did not want to include this combo here but Sabator isnt exactly throwin out nonsense. Check out his opinion on this.
SECOND OPINION: (Sabator) The 200 extra damage can be worth it if you’re in MAX or on the brink of killing them. It’s at least something worth learning since IMO it’s not that hard.
SECOND OPINION: (ChiisaiRamen) Its very situational so I do not agree completely, but I also do think what Sabator says has good worth. If you can do the corner loop combo, or the relaunch then this is something you might want to wrap your hands around to.

Throw EX Combo Sideswitch:
-6Q or 4Q 22A!623C2A5B5C~5C! BC jBC jBC 4Q or 6Q
You do this if you grabbed the opponent really close to the corner and proceeded with 22A accidentally. (Remember to input the 623C the other way around because you end up at the opponents back) “Accidentally” because you shouldnt normally be trying to do this combo since it does not do that much damage compared to the regular throw combo yet its loads more complicated to do. Its just something that is nice to know just in case.

EX Claw Corner Combo:

-2A2B5B5C 623C! (2Aor5A)5B5C! 5A5B2B4B BC jBC 6Q or 4Q
This combo uses the EX claw 623C and following it up with the corner combo afterwards for a ton of damage. This combo is very hard to do on floaty characters (which i call marshmallows) like Shiki Nanaya. If it is too difficult for you, you can try the one below.

EX Claw Anti Marshmallow Corner Combo:

-2A2B5B5C 623C! 2C3B jABC jABC 6Q or 4Q
Instead of linking the corner combo, you link the BnB to it. Simple and much easier against marshmallows.
REPLAY: REP16 (Shows why this combo is needed

Relaunch Combo:

-2A2B2C!4B(2hits)~dash! (B or C)land5B2B2C5C~C BC jBC 6Q or 4Q
If you arent across the screen and want to put your opponent to the corner then this is the combo to do. This is a simplified version of the known relaunch combo but despite that. there are a couple of complications.
1. Delay 4B after 2C or opponent will air recover mid combo
2. you have to air dash immediately after the 2nd hit of 4B
3. After you air dash you have the option of using air B or air C. Both works and choosing which depends on which one you are more comfortable with. C is more damaging but has a more complicated delay.

Relaunch Anti Marshmallow Combo:

-2A2B2C!4B(2hits)~dash! (B or C)land5B2B5C~C BC jBC 6Q or 4Q
Again, the damned marshmallow characters will give you trouble so there is this version. Basically the only part ommitted is the 2nd 2C after the 2nd 2B.
REPLAY: REP14 (Shows why this combo is needed)

MBACAB09: Tactics and Mixups

First of all, remember to keep sweeping the opponent to the corner, this is your primary goal because your ability to hurt is higher on the corner then when you’re not.

-Some High Low Mixups (41Xup)

1. Charge Charge Mixup: (5{B} 4{B}) Placing two overheads consecutively is a good way to land a hit on your opponent. The common move after 5{B} is 2B so most opponents will instinctively low block after. When 4{B} hits you can follow it up with a combo.
2. Double Air Kick: (jC~dash jC) Same concept as above but this time using and air C. After an overhead kick most opponents will low block and could easily be caught by the second kick.
3. Air Kick to Charge: Same concept again except this time a combination of both. After an Air kick, you can land and charge your B for an over- head attack then into a damagingcombo because you bypassed the 2A proration (damage reduction)

-4-6 Crosup (46Xup)

1. Hop: This is your only option for a 46Xup because your jumping attacks aren’t as good as say Satsuki for an overhead 46Xup. Use this sparingly on opponents that are trying to get up from being knocked down. Dash towards them to hop behind and catch them off guard.

-Tick Throws

1. Everyone has a tick throw. Be creative and random when doing tick throws. Dash in and throw right after a jumping C or in the middle of your blockstrings even after an a blocked charged attack. Remember that your throw is a pretty good thing since its comboable if close to the corner and the combo that follows it puts the opponent back in a knocked down position.
SECOND OPINION: (ChiisaiRamen) Remember to be careful and time your grab right if you are trying to tick throw someone who isn’t cornered. You might end up hopping behind them instead.

-Movement Delays

1. Falling 2B: Use 2B while in the air to quickly dive down immediately after a jump. This will put you below the opponent if they decide to react to your initial jump by jumping into the air themselves as well.

2. Floating 2C: Use 2C to create an extra hangtime in the air to save yourself from opponents waiting for you on the ground as you fall down.
Using 2C after an air dash or a super jump makes you float towards the direction you wer  heading rather than a short hangtime that happens if you used 2C after a regular jump.

-Blockstrings and Frametraps

1. Short Elbow: 214A after a short blockstring will move you forward and keep the opponent blocking. If they try to retaliate they will get hit because this move is a huge frametrap.
SECOND OPINION: (Tare) 214A Is Neutral on block. So… if you both start mashing on 2A in an idealistic reaction and their 2A is faster, you’re going to lose out.
SECOND OPINION: (ChiisaiRamen) In that case, if you think they are going to be mashing on a quick attack, You can try mashing shield to catch it.

2. Far Elbow: 214B if you do a longer blockstring and need a further travel distance for your elbow. This isnt as good as the A version but may catch the opponent if they let go of guard before you do this attack.
When this hits, remember to cancel into a 214C if you arent close to the stage corners to perform EX elbow and put the opponent in a knocked down state.
SECOND OPINION: (Tare) 214B if conneceted in the corner should follow up with 22C since 214C will whiff. If they don’t tech, you can mash on 5A and then connect into an air combo.
SECOND OPINION: (ChiisaiRamen) However if they do tech, you can guess or reactively jump towards the direction they tech to and grab them, effectively placing them to the ground again for a mix up.

3. Whiff cancel: Your whiff cancel is very good because 5A misses crouching opponents. This means you dont have to always cancel only after you end up to far or after a 2C. You can whiff cancel in the middle of a blocksting because generally an opponent will blow crouch guarding.
Keep it random and you just may keep your opponent blocking in that corner until they cave in.

MBACAB11: Special Move Meanings

Jyamai Yo! – You’re in the way!
Soko! – There!
Owari! – Finish!
Shizume! – Sink!
Chotto honki dasu wayo – I’ll get a little serious
Nani Yatteruno? – What are you doing?
Urusai! (tobe!) – Shut up! (Fly!) <– as in get up there
Urusai! (keiro!) – Shut up! (Disappear)
Kuusou Gugenka – Imaginary Phantasm or just Phantasm
Sukoshi bakari tawamureyouka? – Shall I play around with you a little?
Doko miteru no? – Where are you looking?
(this is what she says when you dodge using 2A+B or 2Q)

MBACAB10: Helpful Links

Melty Bread:

Sign up to the forums too and have fun! They also have a wiki so there are plenty of information as well as tournament videos to watch.

What?….Seriously everything is in that site, this section shouln’t be plural at all really.

MBACAB12: Closing FAQ

Q: Why are you using Arcueid? Shes not even Top Tier?
A: Well shes fun, I like her and I play to have fun, not necessarily to win.

Q: Why did you write this Guide?
A: Because I am bored.

Q: You’re wrong at this part…
A: Hey, Im not perfect nor am I a pro. If you ask nicely and point out where
my mistake is. Ill be happy to change it and credit you for it.

Q: If you aren’t a pro why are you writing a Guide?
A: Because guides do not have to teach you pro material nor should it tell you exactly what to do. Its just what it is a “Guide”. Something to help you step at the right direction, you still have to walk towards it yourself.

Besides, I want to play pros and participate in tourneys but its pretty far from where I live and such and such yadda yadda.

Q: I want to ask you somethin else, how can I contact you?
A: or AIM ChiisaiRamen

MBACAB13: Credits and Thanks

Tare for some extra information
Sabator for info about how to start the alternative combo
used after a corner wallslam grab.
TyrantRave for romanji move names and translation.

Version History

01/13/08: Made the Guide (Version 1.0)
01/15/08: Made Version 2.0
(added videos for reference)
(added 2nd opinion sections)
(fixed a few spelling errors)
01/15/08: Made Version 2.1
(formatted to work on forums)
01/18/08: Made Version 2.5
(added Sabators opinions and info)
(fixed some errors)
01/19/08: Made Version 2.9
(added move names and a section that has its translations)
Made Version 3.0
(added replay files for combo reference)

Other stuff

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or private use. This FAQ also may not be placed on any other web site without my permission. Give credit where credit is due.

Permission granted for the following sites.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2008
Aokaze Kouu
Nobleman Azure


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