I won the British Lottery

Yeah! awesome!! I’ve never ever been there but I recieved this omfgwonderfulawesome email saying I won a million pounds!! HOORAY!

Heres what i got:

You won the sum of £1,000,000 GBP from our monthly Lotto Programe, you are to get back to us for your winning prize claim.

Contact Person: Mr. Anthony Campbell
Email: agent_anthonycampbell@yahoo.co.uk

Claims Requirements:
1.full name:
2.Home Address:
5.Marital Status:
7.Phone Number:
10.Country Of Residence.

Awesome no?


2 Responses to “I won the British Lottery”

  1. kirbym Says:

    Oh mah gawd, I won this too! Hooray!

    Let’s move to the UK!

  2. ChiisaiRamen Says:

    XD alright! Wed be livin’ the life!

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