eXteel: Advanced Tactics

In eXteel, the main point isnt to dodge the actual attacks themselves because once you are locked on, any hit coming towards you will hit you even if you manage to get behind something before the projectile reaches you.

So how do you avoid getting killed quick?

Basically you have to trick your opponent to fire the trigger while you arent actually locked on; this kind of thing is achieved by good maneuvering skills and being unpredictable.

Movement Strings

You are on a 1v1 battle situation with someone in front of you to make things simple. You have these movement options to choose from while you blast away.

  1. Boost Forward, Backward, Left, Right
  2. Walk Forward, Backward, Left, Right
  3. Jump Foward, Backward, Left, Right
    1. JumpBoost Forward, Backward, Left, Right
    2. Fall Forward, Backward, Left, Right

Now that we have all (a total of 12 plus 4 of it branches out to 8 more) those options, we then try to rule out what isnt practical depending on a situation.

For example; normally, moving towards the enemy is pretty bad since you arent really doing much to get out their lock on box, but in cases where a little movement forward will get you into their weapon’s dead zone (more on dead zones later) its very useful.

Once you rule out what isn’t practical you then perform a string of movement that has no variation to prevent showing a pattern and being predictable. Most players just jump like a bunny thinking its very effective; while it does throw off newcomers it wont help against good players because they create a pattern (you can tell when he is gonna be in the air and when hes gonna be landing). So what would be a good movement string?

  • Jump L, Fall R, Boost R, Jump L, Boost R, Fall L, Boost R, Jump R, Fall L,….

This way you move in an erratic fashion enough to maybe throw your oppponent off.

Utilizing Deadzones

All weapons have deadzones, some have a larger radius than others. For example, a rifles deadzone is bigger than say an SMG. This has to be taken into consideration when you want to outmaneuver your opponent.

If you rush to their deadzone and keep following them to stay in it as much as possible, opponents will usually end up overheating their guns trying to shoot at nothing. Given, you probably also cannot shoot them if you are holding a weapon with the same deadzone radius as theirs so this tactic is usually done if youre mid-switching, overheated, or your weapon has a smaller deadzone (like if you hold an SMG vs a rifle user or the more obvious Melee weapon vs gun user).

Melee and Utilizing Distance Judgement

When fighting against melee users, strafing isnt your most potent movement option. Strafing works best against guns but against meleers your best movement option is Rush and Retreat.

By rushing towards a meleer (boosting forward) you may be able to trick the meleer into swinging too late because you effectively shorten the window of time they have to time a swing (or stab in case of spear) to hit you. They will most likely swing right after you already gone past them.

Of course some meleers will catch on and will start to watch you carefully so they can time it right, thats when you throw them off and do a retreat (boost backward) which will cause them to swing or stab too early and miss you completely.

For the melee users, the above tactic is hardly fool proof. Good meleers will be able to read opponent’s movements properly rather than blindly swing. Knowing what kind of mindset your opponent has will help you determine the time where you will attack with your weapon to land a hit.

Taking Advantage of the Environment

Use the stage you are in. If the enemy cannot see you they cannot shoot you. Don’t always rush at the battle field because sometimes its better for you to go behind enemy lines and take them out from the back.

There are several places you can take advantage of in a stage

  1. Elevation: Elevation gives you two things. One is vantage point, you are able to see better from a higher elevation and this is just plain sweet for canoners. Second is obstacle. There are situations where you can lock on someone at a lower elevation but they are unable to lock on to you because the floor you are standing on can count as an obstacle that blocks line of sight needed for a proper lock on.
  2. Tunnels: Some stages has tunnels that usually lead to places behind key points. Running through these usually allows you to make sneak attacks on enemies. Another advantage tunnels has is that it limits movement since its narrow and of course makes shooting down someone a much easier job if they are stuck inside.
  3. Obstacles: These are objects in the map like trees or debri scattered across the map. To use these properly as a meleer is simple; try to go behind them as you rush towards your target. To use these properly as a gun-user you have to understand the way weapons work. Guns fire per click, even SMGs fire a burst per click and if you fire an SMG during a lock on all the bullets fired during that burst will hit regardless. That being said all you need is a split second of a lock on to press a button and you can go back behind the obstacle while your gun is either finishing the burst or while your gun is still unavailable because its overheated or has a cooldown (like rifles fire once per second roughly)

Smart Location Selection

This is fairly simple, there are several smart choices you can do that pertains to location selection. They are as follows (some are common sense but I see alot of people do not do it so I include it )

  1. Location Changing: A good canoneer knows when to move and does not get fixiated with the spot he has chosen. After shooting someone may notice where the shot came from and may start to take steps into getting close to you to catch you off guard. This is why a good canoneer would move if he thinks he has shot enough and the area isnt very secure. This also applies to rocketeers who are fighting long range.
  2. Location Selection: Sometimes it takes a good location to bank you some good kills. A meleer for example would be happy to reside in narrow areas like tunnels rather than in open areas where someone with a rifle may be able to start picking them off from a distance. Canoneers and Long Range Rocketeers also commonly choose high ground for vantage points.
  3. Healpads: In TC matches, these are present. You generally want to fight while standing on them to accomplish two things at once. In regards to Healpads, stand in them while fighting to fight and get a small health heal as you do it, of course move away if it starts to get dangerous staying in the area. Treat it as a bonus not a necessity.
  4. Aerogates: Again only in TC matches. You also generally want to fight while standing on them to accomplish two things at once. In regards to Aerogates, you will be fighting while capturing a point. STAY IN THEM! even if it is dangerous to do so, your Kills and Death ratio doesn’t matter in this game, its all about aerogates. I see alot of people who try to defend an aerogate for example but wind up shooting at the enemy hopping around in the aerogate while they themselves reside outside of it. It wont help much if you aren’t standing in it yourself and counter their capturing speed.

Sounds and Warnings

Pay attenton to sounds and warnings. Warnings are simple, if you pay attention you know when to look at your map and see which aerogate is being taken in TC and you also would know if your base is being taken and you can act accordingly.

As for sounds, the most basic one is your lock on sound, it can give you an audible clue when to fire your shots.

The most important part about sounds however is mech sounds. You generally can hear mech movement if they are close to you like walking sounds and boosting sounds as well as gunfire or weaponswitch. Use this in conjunction of your minimap to know if an opponent is around somwehere hiding and where he might be.


6 Responses to “eXteel: Advanced Tactics”

  1. Coeco Says:

    Nice guide but it’s not really neccesairly to make such a struggle to melee someone when its 1v1, having 2x rifles / Shield with spear is the perfect combo since you can either pick SMG’ers from a distance and own sworders with lance.. Works well against other rifler’s too if you get into their blindspot

  2. Jacob Says:

    but then again, u cant own smg’ers, or pick em as u say, because as the above suggests, he can strafe back or confuse him and strafe front. With that being said, the reaction time of the smg’er would be faster since he will expect the outcome (the probable outcome) and therefore, shoot the spearers bursts of shots

  3. ReapOxide Says:

    Hey nice guide man,

    im kinda new to this game and i love SMG’s

    can you tell me what armor/smgs should i get? (if you can mail me it)

  4. migz Says:

    hey thanks a lot !!!!

    this guide will help me on the battle field….

    (is it okay to have SMG and Rifle at the same time??)

  5. Rj Says:

    ok..guide really…
    but i kinda used to spear and shield for 1 on 1

  6. xinwei Says:

    This weblog is extremely cool! How did you make it ?

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