Behold the product of boredom

June 3, 2009

I dont like photobucket so i just used this



SWR Modified English Weather Patch

September 8, 2008

I dont know but I was pretty annoyed by the english weather patch people made and posted at the swr wiki. I know its supposed to be a joke but meh…preference issues for me I guess

So I went and edited that patch so it will display something like say “Snowy: Hits deal damage to spellcard gauge” Rather than a wtf “Snowy: Makes you like ghost.”

If you’re interested in my version of the patch. Then here it is.

Remember, I did not make this patch, I just edited the ghetto translations out of it. Credit still goes to Xenozip and mauve.

Here’s a video of the patch


On another note, this blog is so inactive and old. I’m gonna retouch it and update it more often or something

See? I’m not idle! I’m just LESS active.

July 15, 2008

Done with the pic, here is the result

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Progess is being made

June 12, 2008

yep, there is progress. Hey, i dont always play Mabinogi 24/7 you know…Only my character is on 24/7 XD hes selling food after all.

Anyways yeah i have been trying new ways of line arting because my old way of drawing it on paper, inking it on paper, then scanning it leaves my art a bit rough looking because well, its lineart is rough looking

This time I am trying Silver-chan’s tablet method of linearting. It takes getting used to but when i do, you can expect more art again from me.

Click read more to see Silver-chan’s deviant art and what i paid her to make for me.
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SWR is crap. No really it is.

May 28, 2008

No, really. IMO Touhou fans are just saying its good because its touhou. A versus game with so many idiot mechanics can’t be good. Tasogare, how about an IaMP expansion instead. IaMP was a genius game, this wasn’t.

Why is it crap? click read more.
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May 21, 2008

G2 Video above

Mabinogi is now in G2! Emain and thyme and booze! freaking awesome that’s what!

Anyone else not playing this, seriously come try it. Unless youre the kind that likes grinding rather than skillful play =/

Sexy Aokouu + Mabinogi Chibi

March 16, 2008

 My Mabinogi character is a nintendo DS. Much like a DS, which prints money, mine prints gold. I’ve been getting soooo much big lucky finishes and really big ones too! Anyways, I picked up this beginners’ skirt from red foxes and tried it on  (remembering my friend who had a girl character saying he can wear beginners pants).

Click read more for the screenshot.

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Touhou 4koma: MoF + Follow up

March 10, 2008

Sorry for the lack of 4koma yesterday, but to make it up today, I have this about Mountain of Faith and Spellcards. Tomorrow will be a new one that directly connects to this one today. I uploaded its follow up now, enjoy!

mofcardfix.jpg mofcard2.jpg

PS* Sorry about the typo; its *calculate not calulate
PS** Its fixed

Super Mega Hyper Ultra Lucky Finish!

March 9, 2008

So I was soloing Ciar Dungeon today in Mabinogi to gather up some mimic scrolls for moneys. At the 1st floor i lucky finished a poison goblin and BOOM! See the pic below:

mabinogi_2008_03_09_002.jpg mabinogi_2008_03_09_003.jpg

Those are all 1k gold. I gathered 10k gold from one lucky finish. Geez and I thought the 5I got last time was incredibly lucky already.

 Oh and btw sorry no Touhou 4koma today (one tomorrow though) Cuz its Smash Bros Brawl day!

Mabinogi: Fantasy Life + Delicious Food

March 7, 2008

Anyways I started playing Mabinogi with some people, along with KirbyM and some of the other #council regulars. We are in Mari server and usually in Channel 5.

Putting that aside then, heres the story.
The first time I ate food that is perfectly cooked, I got this over the top cutscene because the food was delicious. I figured why not record it? So I mixed up a perfect 5 Star Strawberry Milk and primed up fraps.

This time however, it wasnt over the top.
It was more like….my character getting high.

Click read more for the video

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